Monday, 5 April 2010

paint paint paint???????
Ive picked out some of my old paintings.
i thought maybe putting them online will make me feel more inspired to do something creative. most of them are self portraits but that kind of in the past now. i don't feel like painting myself ever again.thats why i thought moving on to making masks is more of a good cover the face. cover my identity.


  1. I like these paintings quite a bit!!! Especially the second one where it looks like you're screaming. Love the gestural quality, the texture of the paint and the shear raw emotion of it all. Nice use of color and shade too. Love the deformity and reality-stretching. Please post more :-)

  2. hello :) i like these paintings ! they are very expressive and i feel lots of emotion in your models and in use of color...

    sorry for my english im french ^^